Leukodystrophy Australia

Leukodystrophy Australia

The term Leukodystrophy refers to a group of 50+ rare disorders, mostly genetic, that affect the myelin (white matter insulation) around the nerves on the brain and spinal cord. They are degenerative disorders, in this case, meaning the myelin breaks down, inhibiting the messages travelling to and from the brain. This deterioration of neurological function has a flow-on effect to many other bodily functions.

Leukodystrophy Australia was established in 1992 by Sr Julie Thomas OAM, as a NFP charitable organisation, and has since grown to be an Australia wide group run by a dedicated group of volunteers (the Committee), together with an Office Manager and a Family Advocate (Social Worker). We also have other keen volunteers such as our social media team and other kind people along the way.

Our Vision & Mission is to support individuals and families living with Leukodystrophy and to support research into Leukodystrophy.

To view the various supports, please link to http://www.leuko.org.au/what-we-do

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